About Us

Tom and his SOF friends

Led by Retired SOF Veteran

Tom has lead and conducted hundreds of real world missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and other areas of national interest. He brings his knowledge of advanced Special Operations tactics and a never give up attitude to the studio.

Members of America’s retired warfighter community aren't our consultants—they’re our colleagues. And one of our key teammates is a professional weapons engineer who knows as much about firearms and ballistics as just about anyone on the planet.

The game development team blends all these insights and experiences into a shooter that is as realistic as the overarching principles of fun allow. Most have military backgrounds, many are die hard SOCOM fans, all came from the H-Hour community and bring amazing dedication to getting the job done.

With Tom’s long standing friendships throughout the defense industry—friendships with people that support the warfighter with the best in design and innovation—we have a direct line on what’s “now” and what’s next in terms of military gear and combat wear. Tom’s advisory network represents companies that focus on weapons and optics manufacturing, clothing, and soldier survival equipment. They are the best in the world at what they do and continue to help support the studio even after Tom’s retirement from active duty.

Tom and Studio Advisors Over the Years

H-Hour: World's Elite Dev Team

In May 2016, a group of talented industry professionals from within the H-Hour community, some of whom previously worked on H-Hour, offered to get involved and complete the game they all believed in. These developers took the risk of committing their time and money in continuing the project.  Since then, this small development team has steadfastly moved H-Hour forward and it is now in beta phase on Steam undergoing optimization and polish prior to full PC release. The developers also began the port process for PS4 on March 31, 2018.

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