H-Hour Workshop

H-Hour Workshop Process Overview

We are proud to announce the release of our 4.19.2 version of the tools for Workshop and look forward to seeing the continued creativity of our community map makers.

Mappers create content within our Workshop Editor folders/files, then submit their content using the tools noted in the Workshop Tools section below. Our Uploader allows them to merge their content with their game files so they can check things out in a User Created Room (UCR).

When a mapper is confident their map is feature complete, play worthy and ready to be tested by SOF Development, send a msg to [email protected] with the map information. We will test and provide feedback. It is important for mappers to be aware that since this impacts development time, only complete maps should be flagged for review.

After custom maps are approved, they will be uploaded to the game and released as DLC with a future patch.

H-Hour Workshop Tools for Map Creators

SOF Studios is happy to release our H-Hour Workshop tools.  These tools are provided on an “as is” basis. We provide guides and support for our Workshop Apps and the H-Hour game features within.  For support on the Unreal Engine, its requirements or education on its use for map making, please visit the Epic forums or search online. There are many videos and tutorials available for these subjects.

To create content for H-Hour you will need to download UE4 and install version 4.19.2 of the engine. All Creators (whether new or old) MUST read the provided Workshop Guide if they hope to be successful in creating map content with the H-Hour Editor. Reading the guide will save you hours of unnecessary cleanup afterwards.

Our Workshop Editor includes a packaging process that rejects packaging of content that does not meet file structure requirements as laid out in the guide. It is the responsibility of Map Creators to closely monitor their packaging logs so they identify rejects due to structure errors or missing or incompatible file errors in their content.

Full Integration with H-Hour Features

As the Workshop Editor is now fully integrated into our game, access to certain features were enabled. This allows creators more flexibility in game modes use and access to map options. It also comes with the requirement that Creators must now mirror H-Hour’s level design structure when creating levels. Therefore, all community maps MUST now have an Elimination game mode as their main level and from that add sub levels to enable additional game modes they may want. So every community map will have at least an Elimination game mode as their main map.  Map Creators:

  • Can add sub-levels to their main map to deploy map versions running any or all of the following game modes; Extraction, Sabotage, Demolition and Breach. Special settings required to enable bomb spawns, plant zones, breaches and hostages are noted in the guide.
  • Have been provided with a blueprint to allow access to H-Hour’s door action and sound (experimental) feature.
  • Can access the necessary tools and instructions for adding ladders and jump to climb to their maps.
  • Have been provided with a blueprint to allow the addition of breachable walls.
  • Can use a blueprint to create and deploy “destructibles” such as blown bridges or other assets.
  • Have blueprints to allow access to H-Hour’s breakable lights, point and spot light feature.
  • Have blueprints to allow access to H-Hour’s water volume feature so player’s can enter water and splash on your map.
  • Can load their own loading screen for their map game modes.

H-Hour Workshop Map Uploader

The H-Hour Uploader App we provide is used for two purposes.  To upload content to the Steam Workshop backend for review and release AND to merge content into your game files for testing purposes prior to requesting a review.

The Uploader has built-in validities to enforce map content requirements and protect existing Workshop content from Creator mishaps. Make use of the “?” help added to each field to ensure the file paths you enter are correct. This will not prevent Creators from uploading content that does not work but it does protect the integrity of the files so other mappers content is not overwritten accidentally.  Make sure you always merge and test your content prior to involving others.

The Workshop Guide is an important tool for setup and use of the H-Hour features.  It is critical all Creators read and use the guide so they are successful and have workable maps in H-Hour.  Map mapping in UE4 is a time consuming and lengthy task. Take your time and make a high quality level so you are sure it will pass the review process for inclusion with our game.

Welcome to the H-Hour mapping community!

H-Hour Workshop Guide

A must read to be successful in creating your Workshop map for H-Hour

H-Hour Workshop Editor

Version 2.3.4, Files required to create your H-Hour Workshop map (includes door fix)

H-Hour Workshop Uploader App

Tool to merge map into your game for testing or to Steam Workshop so can be added to H-Hour DLC files

Door Asset - Fix for Maps in Workshop Editor 2.3.3

Map in Editor version 2.3.3 & prefer not to move to 2.3.4 to fix the door opening issue? Download this file & replace the one in your project. Re-add your doors using the new blueprint. They will now open based on player location.

H-Hour Workshop Helper Files

Workshop Breach, Lights and Metal Door Sound Cue files for use in your Workshop Map